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The Profile page of the Frami Activity app on a phone screen.
The frontpage of the Frami Activity app on a phone screen.

Join a movement of likeminded people who want to have fun and be rewarded on the way to achieve a healthier and better wellbeing.

There is a growing need for solutions that help businesses engage with their employees to improve their physical and mental wellbeing!

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Reduce physical inactivity

25 % of the world’s population is not physically active enough, and 44 % of employees in 2022 say they feel more fatigued at work than they did in 2020.

Reduce inactivity costs

Physical inactivity costs the global economy $67.5 bn a year in healthcare and productivity losses

Get motivated employees

Employee engagement has become a critical tool to keep employees motivated, where research finds that highly engaged teams show 21 % greater profitability and sense of belonging.

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With Frami, you will get access to all the best features in one app; where you, your friends & family, and your coworkers can achieve a healthier lifestyle and sense of belonging - Together!


Explore everything FRAMI has to offer, from communities of people sharing your interests, to new events your co-workers have organized. Your journey to a better wellbeing will always be new and refreshing!

Partner-driven Incentive

The FRAMI experience is built on our unique partner-driven incentive program, where any user can complete challenges, collect points, and unlock cool and inspiring rewards - just from being physical active!


As an employer, you can set up your own community for your co-workers, organize and coordinate all sports and activities in a closed environment only accessible to your co-workers.

Inspiring people to achieve a healthier lifestyle has never been so fun and easy.

Join Communities

of likeminded people sharing the same interests and ambitions.

Unlock Rewards

powered by our proprietary incentive program, by tracking activities and completing challenges, helping you stay motivated.

Enter Challenges

to push yourself and others to take the next steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Track and Explore

a vast range of activities, challenges, and events.

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Team spirit.

Helping businesses connect and engage with their employees, to strengthen their sense of belonging in an increasingly remote work life.


of employees through use of corporate email (domain).

Monitor and Report

the participation, progress and health benefits from engaged and motivated employees.

Engage Employees

In a private community to interact and coordinate challenges, events, and rewards – made easier by our recommendation engine.

Incentive Program

enabling efficient ROI from employee benefit program – for all parties involved.

In FRAMI you will find rewards from real brands that you can unlock by tracking your activities and complete challenges. Join the movement and become rewarded. It’s that simple!

Active wear and gadgets

Achieve your goal and be rewarded with sustainable sneakers, high-tech wearables, or clothing for everyday use.

Wellness Experiences

Become motivated by winning a dinner for you and your special one, a trip to an outdoor destination, or receive a professional sports massage.

Everyday lifestyle products

Simplify your everyday lifestyle by unlocking home delivered healthy breakfasts, dinner boxes for your family, or reduce your utility bill by getting a free EV-charge.

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Our purpose is simple: connect and engage with people, to inspire them to achieve a more active and healthier lifestyle.

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Our goals and ambition

Contribute towards the accomplishment of the Norwegian Government’s “Action Plan 2020-2029” aiming for a 15% increase in physical activity among the population by 2030.

Help businesses gain insight into how increasing their workforce physical activity will truthfully enable them to report on how their business is contributing towards realizing UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #3.

Help businesses reduce workforce sick leave and enabling them to motivate and inspire their people to achieve a healthier and better wellbeing.


Become a part of our community!

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